Design Trends for 2013

Design Trends for 2013

I was recently asked to share my ideas for design trends for the coming year.  I’m no expert, but I have noticed that many of my clients are looking for more compact housing with quality of spaces stressed over quantity of square footage.  No more McMansions!  Also, a lot of baby-boomers (like me) are downsizing, so we want less stuff, but also a place to store the stuff we decide to keep.

walk_in_w_islandMy clients do not want to sacrifice luxury just because they are downsizing.  They are still looking for beautiful and functional closets and other storage spaces that allow them to stay organized and not have to look at clutter.  Where space allows, we are putting islands in closets so that dressers, lingerie chests, and jewelry boxes can be eliminated from the bedroom creating a more restful space.


my_wallunit_closet1My condo has a small master; the original closets were also small and non-functional (wire shelving, ugh.)  We tore those closets out and designed a wall unit (manufactured and installed by the Closet Factory, of course) that spans one end of the room.  It looks quite serene to see one cohesive unit, and yet it holds everything: hanging clothes, shoes, sweaters, undergarments, jewelry, and the TV!

home_office_with_two_murphybedsMulti-functional wall units look more organized than having lots of different furniture pieces. For instance, this home office also contains two Murphy wall-beds that can be used when guests visit – the function of two rooms in the space of just one.


media_room_with_two_murphybedsA media wall unit is another area that might hide a Murphy bed or desk area as well as the TV.

More than 100 years ago, architect Louis Sullivan said “form follows function”, and it’s still true today – people want their homes to function well with great looking storage throughout the home.

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