Could your closet win “worst closet” honors? What about these?

Could your closet win “worst closet” honors? What about these?

Have you ever walked into your closet and thought: this is the worst closet ever!  Well you are not alone.  There is a wide variety of issues I see when clients are unhappy with their closets, all of which can be solved with a functional, strong, and beautiful closet by the Closet Factory.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI probably see wire closets the most often because they are so cheap for a contractor to install, but they have several inherent problems.  They are not strong and I’m often called after they have pulled right off the wall.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome wire systems do not allow the hangers to slide easily along their length because the bar is divided into segments, and clothes and sweaters stacked on wire shelves are imprinted with marks from the wires.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother common problem is that wire shelves for hanging are often crossed in the corners so that the corner space is effectively lost.  As a CF designer, I’ve been trained in how to use every inch of your closet with no wasted spaces such as these.  Finally, wire shelves are not adjustable, so you can’t take advantage of valuable space between the shelves, and temptation usually ends in a jumble of articles stacked on one another.

IMG_0426The next step up is a standard wood shelf and rod which allows hangers to slide and doesn’t wrinkle your sweaters, but still lacks all the spaces you need for short and long hanging, and different shelves for sweaters and shoes.

DSC00187 Even a “semi-custom” wall hung system that at first glance looks adjustable, can be found lacking.

The bottom rod can be too low for a tall persons clothes, and it can’t be moved up because of the fixed center shelf required for stability in a wall hung system.

Wall-hung-systems-2Because the panels stop partway to the floor, you can’t decide to convert a hanging section to a shelving section like you can with a floor-based system.  And without a bottom toekick to keep your clothes above the dust on the floor, it is easy to get into the habit of kicking off  your shoes and and having them disappear under the hanging.

IMG_0236Finally, the actual worst closet I saw in 2012, was one that looked quite pretty at first glance.  It was in a wood grain melamine with backing which looked quite striking, until I saw that the sections were screwed directly to the wall through the backing with the screw heads exposed.

IMG_0243Then I saw that the sections didn’t reach fully into the corners and that this left an open hole in each corner that items on the top shelf could fall through.  Because the closet didn’t reach to the floor, you could retrieve these fallen items, but the deep, dark areas underneath the closet were only accessible by getting on your hands and knees.  Then I saw that a section of shelves on one side of the closet would be completely hidden once the hanging was in place, effectively making those shelves wasted space, and the other side of the closet had shelves mounted in front of the hanging rod so that clothing could not slide fully to the right.

Unfortunately, the previous owner of this home had paid good money for a bad closet!  Fortunately, the new owner and my client (a  repeat customer), saw these flaws and knew that we could design a fully-functional closet that would not aggravate them every morning.

Closet-Factory-Charlottesville-Design-House-Richmond-WMDon’t spend another day with your bad closet – call me!


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