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Peggy WoodallHi, I’m Peggy Woodall, Senior Designer at Closet Factory.

In 2001, I left my job in software and engineering to help people, one on one, get and stay organized. A home for everything and everything in it’s place is not just an old saying, but a way to make your surroundings less stressful and more beautiful.

In 2005 I became a designer with the Closet Factory in Mechanicsville, Va. Since then I have helped hundreds of clients create beautiful, organized spaces by designing personalized, custom storage for the items they love and the way they live.

The Closet Factory Difference

Closet Factory InstallerWe Are Local – Each Closet Factory has something unique in the closet industry – a factory! We manufacture 100% of our closets and storage systems in our local state of the art factory in Mechanicsville, Va.

Nothing is cut until you place your order. Each job is individually built from the design you approve. And because most of the work is done at our factory, installation is quick and without the mess associated with typical construction projects.

We build floor-based systems that provide superior strength and load carrying capacity compared to wall-hung systems. In fact, many clients call us because their wall-hung system has failed.

A floor-based system means that you have complete adjustability from top to bottom, you will never find your shoes hiding under your closet, and it’s easier to vacuum.

Closet Factory InstallerOur installers are employees. They’re experienced, licensed, bonded & insured. And they clean up!

Lifetime Guarantee – no hidden exceptions, no fine print – we stand behind our product 100%. Even if you eventually sell your home, the guarantee transfers to the new owner, increasing your sales value.

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Our Mission

  • We will exceed your expectations through a united commitment to understanding your needs.
  • We will provide Complete Client Care that will result in your eagerness to refer Closet Factory Richmond to your family and friends.
  • We start from scratch with every client every time. Each step of our design and building process is tailored to you, your needs, your budget. We take the time to listen to what you want, asking questions about your storage needs and measuring your space down to the last millimeter.
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