10 Tips for Organized Shoe Storage

10 Tips for Organized Shoe Storage

This has to be one of the most often asked questions: what’s the best way for me to store my shoes?  And that starts a cascade of questions from me, your closet designer, because face it, we all have different needs.

If you tell me you have lots of shoes, I need to know how many so that we can plan the space needed.  To some, 20 pairs is a lot of shoes; to the true shoe addict, 200 pairs and up is typical.

The 10 tips below will help you find the best way to store shoes and boots for your particular situation.  Which ones are you already using?  Do you have other tips to share?

Shoes on the floor

Shoes on the floor are a trip hazard

1.  NEVER store your shoes on the closet floor.  The most common complaint I hear from clients is that they hate having their shoes all over the floor.  They are hard to see, impossible to keep neat, pairs never stay together, they are a trip hazard, and most people will not bother to move their shoes in order to vacuum.  ‘Nuf said!






flat shoe shelves

Adjust flat shoe shelf spacing to maximize storage.

2.  Shoes on shelves are the easiest to see, access, and put away.  Group shoes of similar heights together to maximize space.



3.  Flat shoe shelves will hold more shoes in the same vertical space as slanted shelves, because they can be moved close together, but slanted shelves are a great way to show off your shoe collection!






Shoes nest heel to toe.

Shoes nest heel to toe.

4.  Organizing your shoes heel to toe saves space (they nest together closer) and you can see the style of the toe and the heel at the same.





Shoe Cubbies

Shoe Cubbies

5.  Shoe cubbies often waste space because pairs of large shoes won’t fit together in the same cubbies, wasting space.





Hanging Shoe Bag

Hanging Shoe Bag

6.  Back of door shoe organizers work great when shelf space isn’t available, but they don’t hold much and work best for flats, not heels or clogs.  (I use mine for often-worn everyday shoes.)





shoe storage

Beautifully organized shoe storage

7.  Move rarely worn items (wedding shoes, hiking boots, etc.) out of your prime storage area and up to higher shelves.

8.  If you like to store your shoes in their boxes, adhere a picture to the box so that you know what’s inside.  Or buy clear boxes so you can see what’s in each box.

9.  Boots can hung up to keep the boot shaft from flopping over and getting wrinkled.  You can buy specialty boot trees that come with hooks for hanging, or repurpose a skirt hanger to clip on (use a little cushion to keep clips from marring leather.)

10.  You can make inexpensive boot trees from water bottles or pool noodles to keep boots upright on shelves or in cubbies.



Using any one of these organized shoe storage tips will have you on your way to a neater, more organized closet.  Now don’t you feel better?  Kind of makes you want to go shopping!

Shoe Envy

Time to buy more shoes!

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